At Divorcefilers, we are proud of our service and confident that we can provide you with a fast, economical uncontested divorce. We feel that the statements of some of our previous clients are the best indicator that our state-of-the-art system for filing divorces works in the real world and that our high level of quality customer service will get you the world class results you deserve:


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I first went to several firms who truly were not professional. My experience with DivorceFilers was extremely satisfying. My divorce was handled very quickly. I have recommended their services to a couple of co-workers who told me they too were very pleased with the firm’s efficiency and economic approach to resolving a difficult issue, namely a divorce. Their almost 30 years in business is demonstrated by action, not just words.
August 24, 2010

Byron J.

My friends were doubtful when I used the services of Divorcefilers but after I received a certified copy of my divorce in about two months, my friends were dumbfounded. One of my buddies payed a firm over $3,000 for the same kind of case as myself when I paid less than $900 total, with children. With Divorcefilers you do not get what you pay for. YOU GET A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

R. Lucas, Financial District, New York, New York

DivorceFilers were my salvation at a low point in my life. They responded to ALL my questions, concerns, emails and phone calls. They kept me informed about how the case was going, what to expect and how I should handle things. I recommend them to everyone.

October 16, 2013

Bibi Nelson

I hired DivorceFilers after speaking with them just once by phone. They are a firm of unique integrity and honesty who truly believe in getting their clients results at an affordable price. They defy the common stereotypes often attributed to divorce filing firms. After I began my case with them, they obtained by final divorce judgment in less than 90 days. Their attention to detail, integrity and inherent kindness set them apart from most other professionals in their field and they have helped to renew my faith in honest professionals whose actions speak louder than merely words.

December 10, 2013

T. Jarvas, III

I consider the people at Divorcefilers to be my caring friend. They took great care of me and were extremely concerned about getting me the results which I needed so desperately. They lived up to their word and got me my divorce at a low cost and in only a couple of months. They are the best!!! Thank you.

March 1, 2003

Janush Zukiewicz, Briarwood, New York

UNBELIEVABLY SPEEDY, EXTREMELY CLASSY, POLITE AND EXPERT PROFESSIONALS. They got me divorced at such a reasonable cost and they did absolutely EVERYTHING for me!!!!

Stanley H., Brooklyn, New York

I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I was with the service, attention, respect and professionalism that DivorceFilers demonstrated towards me and my divorce case. All my questions were timely answered and the staff proved themselves to be very knowledgeable and precise with their answers. This organization deserves congratulations on their work product. They no doubt have been one of the best teams I have ever dealt with and they deserve a pat on the back. Thanks again for all you have done for me.

Tom B. K., Jr., New York, New York

I served in Afghanistan and recently arrived home in Brooklyn, New York. My divorce was finalized by Divorcefilers while I was on active duty serving in combat thousands of miles away from home. Divorcefilers runs its office with almost military precision and a discipline which gets results.

Captain Thomas R., United States Army

One word sums it up: “HONEST.”

Mark W., Syracuse, New York

What can you say about a firm that actually answers the telephone on Thanksgiving!!!! I had a question about my case and thought I would get voice mail when they answered the phone personally and resolved my concerns. Amazing!!!!!!!!

Faheem H., Port Jefferson Station, New York

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getting a divorce in new york



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