At Divorcefilers, we are proud of our service and confident that we can provide you with a fast, economical uncontested divorce. We feel that the statements of some of our previous clients are the best indicator that our state-of-the-art system for filing divorces works in the real world and that our high level of quality customer service will get you the world class results you deserve:


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My divorce was filed immediately and I obtained my final judgment in eight weeks. I saved hundreds of dollars and I am very happy.

M. Calderon, Queens, NY

There are still honest professionals in this world!!! My divorce was quick, low cost, painless and stress-free. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs a divorce and does not want to waste their time or their money.
August 2, 2010

Thomas S.

This firm was speedy, friendly and professional. They answered all of my questions!!!


Sam, Brooklyn, New York

I “researched” several other firms and I discovered that either they were not very experienced, they would make me fill out paperwork, appear in Court or they would not quote me the total fee. Many of them just “played “games” and were less than professional. The office of Divorcefilers, on the other hand, did everything for me at a low cost and they were extremely experienced and professional. I NEVER had to go to Court. I recommend them to those who want honesty and professionalism and most of all EXCELLENT RESULTS!!!!

Katherine, New York, N.Y.

Three firms quoted me over $2,500 for what I thought was a “simple” divorce. When I consulted with Divorcefilers, they agreed with me that my divorce was really “simple” and I was divorced a few weeks later for only $799 TOTAL, no gimmicks. Thank you Divorcefilers!!!

Edeline T., Bronx, New York

I reside in south Florida and my ex-wife lived in New York. Divorcefilers was able to file the divorce in the State of New York since my wife resided in New York. The bottom line: I never visited Divorcefilers and I conducted all my business with them via e-mail and telephone. They reassured me that they could handle my case and I felt comfortable with them in spite of the fact that I was out of state. My divorce was completed in a couple of months and they mailed me my final Judgment. They really proved their worth and they allowed me to move on with my life!

James R., Miami, Florida

Fast, Honest, Professional. I recommend their services strongly.

Roger D., Coney Island, New York

DivorceFilers.com handled my annulment after two other divorce offices said that they could not handle “annulments.” The folks at DivorceFilers “know their stuff” and took great care of me.

Cynthia R, New York, New York

I absolutely believed that my wife would never cooperate in my divorce because she was afraid to go to Court. After I contacted Divorcefilers, they told me that they could file all the papers in my case and my wife and I would never have to go to Court. My wife agreed to sign but promised me she would never go to Court if asked to do so. Divorcefilers prepared my case and I was divorced in about 10 weeks and we NEVER had to go to Court. Mucho gracias to everyone at Divorcefilers. You did a wonderful job for me. Even my ex-wife thanked them!!!

Miguel R., Riverdale, New York

DivorceFilers were my salvation at a low point in my life. They responded to ALL my questions, concerns, emails and phone calls. They kept me informed about how the case was going, what to expect and how I should handle things. I recommend them to everyone.

October 16, 2013

Bibi Nelson

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getting a divorce in new york



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