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Our organization was founded on the belief that the costs of obtaining a simple, uncontested divorce or annulment were getting out of control, and that there could be a reasonable, affordable alternative. The benefits of using Divorcefilers:

  • The divorce or annulment process is fast and efficient and occurs on your timetable.
  • The cost is considerably less than litigating or trying to file papers on your own where mistakes can be made.
  • It cuts down on the stress and bickering since we handle EVERYTHING for you.
  • All communications are private and we listen compassionately to your concerns.
  • You, not a judge, will decide the outcome.
  • A friendly, amicable process means you are less likely to become more embittered towards your ex-spouse.

Divorcefilers consists of a staff of dedicated, professional divorce document preparation experts who quickly, accurately and economically prepare and file all necessary matrimonial paperwork with the court. We employ state-of-the-art computer software and hardware solutions to tackle the complex problem of preparing and filing this detailed documentation.

Divorcefilers do not provide legal advice or counsel. If complex legal issues arise within the course of a matrimonial matter, our firm will recommend that you consult an attorney of your choice. If you do not already know an attorney, our firm can recommend a highly skilled and experienced matrimonial attorney who will provide you with a free consultation.

With the goal of developing long-term and trusting relationships with clients, Divorcefilers believes in providing a reliable, consistent and high-standard of service. We provide divorce solutions recognizing the dynamic needs of our clients.

At DivorceFilers, we have created an environment where professionalism, trust and respect are the guiding principles under which we work today. Over time, we have successfully developed innovative solutions allowing us to achieve excellence. Focused on our achievements and more than three decades of experience, our professionals at all levels of seniority bring together their expertise around a common objective: creating value for the client.

WE DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU: Although our fees are low, our quality of service and dedication is extremely high. We have been providing clients with outstanding service since 1981. We thank the thousands of clients we have helped over the years for their loyalty and their many kind referrals to our firm. To read some of the compliments we’ve received, we invite you to visit our Testimonials page.

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